More thoughts on self-publishing

I was talking to my brother yesterday about my anxiety at the notion of self-publishing without an editor. As I was saying that I was concerned that any dumb writing mistakes I made would cement my reputation as a bad writer, I realized that there are four possible combinations of audience size and perceived quality:

Size  Quality How It Affects Me
Large Good    Jackpot!
Small Good    Something I can build off of...
Large Bad     How did I get a large audience for a bad book!?
Small Bad     There aren't many of them, so no big deal.

I’m still going to give my outstanding queries time to get resolved since lightning might strike, but I think I’ve convinced myself that the lack of an editor isn’t a good reason to hold back from self publishing.


One Response to More thoughts on self-publishing

  1. Melissa Gibson says:

    I agree with your analysis!

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