The Query Process Sucks!

I’m still querying my novel (no luck yet), and it’s really driving me nuts. I just sent out a query e-mail and I realized a second after I hit “send” that I messed up the gender on the salutation. Argh! The whole “wait and see” aspect of querying is bad enough, but now I can obsess over whether I just shot myself in the foot, and wonder how many other little mistakes I’ve made in the process, and whether I should send a follow-up e-mail apologizing for the mistake or if that would just make it worse… It seems like there has to be a better way of doing this whole thing.


One Response to The Query Process Sucks!

  1. Janet M says:

    Don’t sweat it. I hope you are less frustrated today. You’re a great writer (in my oinion).

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