Novel Update: Sent My First Query Letter

May 10, 2010

Despite temptations to postpone things again, I finished a synopsis I’m reasonably happy with. I also created a document of my novel in “standard manuscript format”, which was far more frustrating and time consuming than it should have been. I submitted my first e-mail query letter to an agent today, too. I may send out a few more today, but I need to take some time to calm down after the anxiety buildup over pressing the “send” button on the first one…


Novel Update

May 7, 2010

I’ve spent a lot of time procrastinating. I think it’s because the prospect of sending my work out is pretty scary (what if they don’t like it?!?!?), and that anxiety has been manifesting as behaviors that keep me from getting to the stage where I’ll have to face rejection. Trying to walk that tightrope is tough — on the one hand I need to be realistic enough that I won’t be devastated by the first rejection but I also need to be confident enough in the work that I actually put it out there. I think I’ve been letting my anxieties push me past “realistic” and into defensive inactivity. I’m trying to turn that around and get moving again.

I’ve got a first draft of my synopsis. It’s currently 6 pages, single-spaced, which I think I need to trim down by about 50%. My plan is to tighten that up over the weekend and be ready to start submitting by Monday.