Novel Update: Finished Draft!

Today I broke through my procrastination on the “the plan worked perfectly” scene. That was the last Priority issue. The other four issues were all related to a single chapter, and were mostly a question of tone and whether I needed to do some more “show, don’t tell” stuff. I decided that a rewrite wasn’t necessary, and I’ll keep that chapter the way it is. That resolves all the current issues!

I’m going to let the novel sit for a week and then reread it to make sure that everything still hangs together. I’m hoping that it will be ready to start shopping it around to agents and/or publishers and not need another draft. I’m going to start researching the submission guidelines for various places so that I’ll know what I need to do once I’m ready.

Low: 0
Medium: 0
Priority: 0
Showstopper: 0

Resolved 4 Medium and 1 Priority issues.

Current wordcount: 92867


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