Novel Update

I made some progress today, but probably not as much as the stats below would indicate. I resolved several issues by saying “I’m going to ignore the feedback my first readers gave me on this and stick with what I wrote originally.” There’s a danger that I’m letting frustration and weariness with the project influence those decisions, but I also need to get this thing wrapped up so I can move on with other projects. I’m embracing the idea that not being motivated to make the changes is my subconscious telling me that the changes aren’t necessary. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I need to do something to move forward. Odds are that these issues wouldn’t be the difference between selling the novel and not selling it, anyway, and if they’re really problems than I can work them out with an editor once I’ve got a contract…

Low: 0
Medium: 4
Priority: 1
Showstopper: 0

Resolved 2 Medium and 3 Priority issues.

Current wordcount: 92465


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