Novel Update

Well, I’ve been kind of stalled out for a few weeks. Part of it is a problem of motivation. Most of the big fixes I still need to make are related to pacing. The stuff I need to beef up won’t add anything new to the story, it will just pad things out a bit, and I have a really hard time being excited by that. For example, I have a paragraph that starts out “the plan worked perfectly”, followed by a confrontation with a major antagonist. It’s too abrupt as it is now, but detailing exactly how the plan worked perfectly just seems like it will be really boring…

Still, I made some progress today by switching to a different problem which I don’t have as large a motivational block with.

Low: 0
Medium: 7
Priority: 4
Showstopper: 0

Resolved 2 Medium and 2 Priority issues.

Current wordcount: 92406


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