Novel Update

I’ve been working on editing the novel, although I took yesterday off and haven’t put as much time as I could in today or Sunday. I’ve got everything in the yWriter project now. I have scene descriptions entered for every scene, which should help when I need to write a synopsis and may help me deal with some of the structural stuff I need to work through. I’ve been going through the comments from my first readers and making the minor line edits they recommended (e.g. removing superfluous commas), and recording the bigger issues that I’ll need to put more thought into before they can be resolved.

Recorded feedback for: 14 scenes (out of 117)
Current Open Issues: 54

Right now I’m getting through three chapters per day of feedback. It’s kind of draining, since each comment tends to result in an issue that I’m going to have to work to resolve. In the abstract I always knew I’d need to do that work before I was finished with the whole process, but in the moment it still feels like I’m doing work to generate more work for myself.


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