Novel Update: First Draft Done!

Total Word Count: 74786
Words Written Today: 757

I wrote the last remaining scene today, so I’m declaring the first draft of my second novel done. I also gave real names to two locations that I had place-holder names for. I have 12 open issues, 6 of which are placeholder names for minor characters or incidental locations.

Some stats:

74786 words/38 chapters = 1968.05 words/chapter, very close to my 2000 words/chapter goal.

74786 words/37 calendar days = 2021.24 words/calendar day

74786 words/34 work days = 2199.59 words/work day

I’ll probably give myself a few days off from writing, and then I need to figure out what to work on next. I don’t think I can do another editing pass on my first novel yet, since I’m still waiting on completed feedback from some of the people who have read/are reading it. I don’t want to dive into an editing pass on this one right away, since I want to be able to come at this one with fresh eyes. I could potentially outline a sequel to this novel (which might help me on the editing pass on this one, if I need to make an subtle changes to avoid boxing myself in for a sequel). I could potentially try to salvage the idea/outline that I gave up on before I switched to this novel. Or, I could work on coming up with a completely fresh idea and outline that.


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