Novel Update

Total Word Count: 39469
Words Written Today: 2451

I took another day off yesterday, and made some decent progress today. I’m nearly halfway done with the first draft. Right now, I have one more scene to write in chapter 20 and an action scene that I skipped over way back in chapter 2. With the current word count I’m really close to my 2000 words per chapter target, and should surpass it once I fill in those two scenes.

I’ve been working on this draft for 19 days, including one sick day and two days off:

Average Words Per Calendar Day: 2077.32
Average Words Per Work Day: 2466.81

Both of those are better than the required rate for NaNoWriMo success (50,000/30), but worse than what would be required to finish the entire novel in one month (80,000/30).

So far I am really happy with the outline first/write later methodology. Basically, I got all of the plot stumbles out of the way up front, so now I don’t run into them while I’m writing, which can easily derail me. I’ve been pretty faithful to the outline, although I changed one or two minor things as I was writing since they worked better and didn’t screw up any of the material I had outlined for later chapters.

I’m also still mostly liking yWriter, although I find it frustrating that it doesn’t seem to track character/place names in the notes sections the same way it does in the content sections. I have a tendency to change my character names a lot, and it’s a pain to have to modify the chapter/scene outlines manually.


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