Novel Update: First Draft Done!

June 21, 2009

Total Word Count: 74786
Words Written Today: 757

I wrote the last remaining scene today, so I’m declaring the first draft of my second novel done. I also gave real names to two locations that I had place-holder names for. I have 12 open issues, 6 of which are placeholder names for minor characters or incidental locations.

Some stats:

74786 words/38 chapters = 1968.05 words/chapter, very close to my 2000 words/chapter goal.

74786 words/37 calendar days = 2021.24 words/calendar day

74786 words/34 work days = 2199.59 words/work day

I’ll probably give myself a few days off from writing, and then I need to figure out what to work on next. I don’t think I can do another editing pass on my first novel yet, since I’m still waiting on completed feedback from some of the people who have read/are reading it. I don’t want to dive into an editing pass on this one right away, since I want to be able to come at this one with fresh eyes. I could potentially outline a sequel to this novel (which might help me on the editing pass on this one, if I need to make an subtle changes to avoid boxing myself in for a sequel). I could potentially try to salvage the idea/outline that I gave up on before I switched to this novel. Or, I could work on coming up with a completely fresh idea and outline that.


Novel Update

June 21, 2009

Total Word Count: 74029
Words Written Today: 2093

I wrote the scenes at the end of the book today, and realized that I should condense them into a single chapter instead of having three chapters with a single scene each, since they are all somewhat thematically related. As a result I’ve got 38 chapters now instead of 40.

I’m almost done with the draft. I only have one more scene to write, an action scene that I skipped over way back in chapter 2. I also have some known issues, like placeholder names that need to be replaced with good names. I’m not sure if I’m going to work on the placeholder name stuff before I declare this draft complete, or if I’m going to let myself wait until I start editing to do that.

Novel Update

June 20, 2009

Total Word Count: 71936
Words Written Today: 1709

I had trouble getting into the right frame of mind today, so I got less done than I hoped. I think that being so close to the end is perversely making my mind wander to the stuff that comes after I finish the first draft, which is delaying the completion.

Also, I had to reimagine my climactic scene, since as I originally outlined it it was more or less a repeat of an earlier scene, with just one changed element that lets the good guys win instead of the bad guys. I think the new version is different enough that it won’t seem boring.

Novel Update

June 19, 2009

Total Word Count: 70227
Words Written Today: 1455

I had another errand to deal with today that took a bit longer than I thought and cut pretty deeply into my writing time. Still, I crossed the 70k mark, which is cool.

Novel Update

June 17, 2009

Total Word Count: 68772
Words Written Today: 2401

I’m getting close to the end of my outline, so it’s pretty clear that I’m not going to hit 80k words on the first draft. I’ll probably end up in the low to mid 70’s. I suspect I’ll find some things to beef up in the rewrite stage, but I wasn’t eager to be in that position again. I’ll need to be a bit more diligent in my outline for the next novel in making sure there will be enough meat per chapter to get the length I’m looking for.

Novel Update

June 17, 2009

Total Word Count: 66371
Words Written Today: 1584

I had a hard time getting into it today.

Novel Update

June 16, 2009

Total Word Count: 64787
Words Written Today: 1282

I ran some errands today, which cut into my writing time.