Novel Update

May 31, 2009

Total Word Count: 35041
Words Written Today: 2325

I didn’t have much energy when I started writing today, and then some computer trouble put me in a miserable frame of mind, so I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to.


Novel Update

May 30, 2009

Total Word Count: 32716
Words Written Today: 4211

I took a sick day yesterday. Today I got a late start because of some chores and errands, so I was afraid that it was going to be an unproductive day, but I’m really happy with 4211 words.

Novel Update

May 28, 2009

Total Word Count: 28505
Words Written Today: 3233

Pretty good wordcount today, although I’m concerned that chapter 14 was a little rough. The scenes were a little thin at the outline level, and I’m not sure they work the way I originally envisioned them. I’m predicting I’ll need to do some extensive rewrites here after I finish the first draft, but that’s a problem for the future.

Novel Update

May 27, 2009

Total Word Count: 25272
Words Written Today: 2355

OK progress today. For a few of the scenes I re-used some stuff from some previous writing (tracked as SS05 in previous posts) but I couldn’t do a straight cut-and-paste since the ideas have evolved since I wrote that stuff.

Novel Update

May 26, 2009

Total Word Count: 22917
Words Written Today: 1132

My cell phone died last night, so I went out to get a new one today (an iPhone). By the time I got that resolved, and did a few other chores, I was deep into my writing time and I couldn’t get any momentum going. As a result, I’m pretty far off my wordcount goal for the day.

Novel Update

May 25, 2009

Total Word Count: 21785
Words Written Today: 2465

I’m making progress, although I’m still having a hard time fighting distractions.

Novel Update

May 24, 2009

Total Word Count: 19320
Words Written Today: 3183

I took the day off yesterday, but I made some good progress today. I’m partway through chapter 10, so if the trends continue then I ought to be in good shape for the overall wordcount of the novel.