Novel Update

Word Count Indicator
Current Word Count: 85499
Words Written Today: -561

Quality Indicator
Current Resolved Issues: 93
Current Open Issues: 6
Issues Resolved Today: 12
Issues Opened Today: 1

Negative wordcount?!?! I chopped out an old chapter that was 1583 words that was half pointless filler and half obsolete plot that no longer made sense. I managed to salvage about 10% of it and reuse it in another chapter. I was hoping to be able to come up with enough new material to completely cover the delta, but I’m feeling tapped out for the day.

Some of the issues that I marked as “resolved” today had already been resolved in the past, I just hadn’t properly realized it at the time. Some also got the “not a bug” treatment. A bunch did get genuine resolutions today, though. I’m pretty happy that I’m closing out so many of these.

Of the six issues I still have open, three are all contingent on me figuring out one last plot element. I’m not really sure how to resolve it yet. It’s something I’ve been banging my head against for a few days now, but I’m still not getting any ideas. The other three can all potentially stay open through the next editing pass, since they’re largely cosmetic.


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