Novel Update

Word Count Indicator
Current Word Count: 80358
Words Written Today: 1884

Quality Indicator
Current Resolved Issues: 50
Current Open Issues: 31
Issues Resolved Today: 0
Issues Opened Today: 1

I crossed the 80k words mark today, which is cool since first novels are supposed to come in between 80k and 100k words. I also wrote the final chapter that my new outline called for. Following the outline didn’t take me all the way to 100k words like I predicted back in late February but I also didn’t write every chapter that I outlined, so I think it balances out (plus, I expect a lot of these new chapters to expand a bit in the editing/rewriting phase). Like I mentioned yesterday, there are also still a few scenes that I need to write out in the new stuff.

After I deal with those problems, I need to look at what I’ve written and see if I can get some of the characters I use in this new stuff introduced earlier in the book.  I don’t want a character I only introduce three quarters of the way through the story to have a pivotal role in the climax. And I’ve got 31 open issues that I know about, and I’m sure that I’ll have more once I switch to editing mode and read what I’ve written.

So there’s a lot of work still ahead of me, but I’m pretty happy about crossing 80k.


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