Novel Update

Yesterday was a pretty strange day. I didn’t get enough sleep the night before, which threw my equilibrium off for the whole day. I didn’t get any work done, but I think I can sort of consider that a sick day. Today, I outlined 7 more chapters and got to a reasonable end of the story, which gets me to 27 new chapters.

In what I have currently written in the novel there are 37 chapters and 58080 words. That’s an average of 1569.73 words per chapter. If I multiply that average by 27 for the new chapters I just outlined, that would be 42383 new words, for a total combined length of 100463 words, which is very close to the supposed optimal length of 100k words. So I think I’m going to go forward with writing these new chapters and abandon the ideas I had for weaving more threads into the existing narrative.


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  1. […] new outline called for. Following the outline didn’t take me all the way to 100k words like I predicted back in late February but I also didn’t write every chapter that I outlined, so I think it balances out (plus, I […]

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