Novel Update

novel-chapter-length-022009Didn’t do any actual writing today, either. Continued outlining the “after the end” stuff. I’ve got an outline for about 20 chapters so far. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to come up with enough ideas that would work as continuations of the story I already had, but I’m actually getting excited about some of the stuff I’m coming up with now.

Once I get the new stuff completely outlined, I may consider weaving it into what I’ve already got more smoothly than just having a huge part 1/part 2 dividing line. The big issue will be when I introduce the characters. Putting in a big “part 2” divider gives me a bit of room to introduce brand new characters late in the book. If I try to weave it all together, I think I need to work to get the “second half” characters introduced earlier, so they don’t seem to come out of nowhere.


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