Review: Thundercats Season 1 Episode 14: The Spaceship Beneath the Sands

Everybody agrees that the Mutants suck, so Mumm-Ra lets them retrieve some of their high-tech gear from their old spaceship to level the playing field with the Thundercats.


We open in a jungle. The Mutants have prepared an ambush for a tabbot, a money-oriented creature who’s out collecting rent from Wolos and Bolkens. Once they grab him, he’ll call for help, which will attract the nearby Thundercats, who the Mutants will then ambush. So, sort of a two stage ambush, which is more elaborate than their standard single-stage ambush plan. I wonder if it will be any more effective?


The tabbot, a sort of unicorn-pig-man, shows up, and the Mutants jump him. Slythe and Jackalman grab his purse and saddlebags while Monkian has the lookout role up in the trees.


The tabbot does indeed call for help, which attracts the attention of Cheetara and Tygra. The Mutants chase the tabbot off, and head back to their hiding places. When Cheetara and Tygra show up to investigate the scene, Monkian cuts a rope which drops a net on the Thundercats.


They try to escape the net, but discover that it is sticky, and they’re unable to disentangle themselves. And now the Mutants reveal that this is actually a three stage ambush. They expect the other Thundercats to come rescue these Thundercats, at which point the Mutants will jump them. Just a suggestion, guys, but why not just kill the ones you’ve got while you have the chance!?

Anyway, back at Cat’s Lair, Panthro has a bad feeling about a particular section of jungle that he can’t get a clear view of on the viewscreen because of the thick trees. In a bedroom of some kind, Lion-O is sleeping next to the Sword of Omens and the Claw Shield. Didn’t they used to keep them in the Sword Chamber?


The Eye of Thundera makes the noise that indicates that Thundercats are in danger. This wakes Lion-O up, and also attracts Panthro. Using the awesome power of sight-beyond-sight, Lion-O sees that the Mutants have Cheetara and Tygra trapped in “some kind of net”, in the jungle. To the Thundertank!

The Mutants hear the Thundertank coming, so they return to their hiding places. As they approach, Lion-O deduces that there’s something strange about the net, since Cheetara and Tygra should have been able to free themselves from a normal net. Lion-O wants to get out of the Thundertank to cut them lose, but Panthro doesn’t want Lion-O out where the mutants will outnumber him. He plans to use the Thundertank to free Cheetara and Tygra. He grabs the edge of the net in the “mouth” of the thundertank, then lifts them up and shakes them free from the net.


Even though the Mutants plan has been blown to hell, they decide to attack anyway. They are quickly and easily defeated, as usual. Lion-O wonders why the Mutants even bother attacking the Thundercats, since they never win. Back at Castle Plun-Darr, Jackalman is upset about how humiliating it is to be constantly defeated. They’ve apparently decided to blame this failure on the advanced Technology that the Thundercats have access to. They claim that Mutant technology is just as good as Thundercat technology, if not better. The difference is that the Thundercats were able to salvage most of their technology from their spaceship, while the Mutants’ technology is buried beneath the desert of sinking sands, where it has been since episode 2.


Slythe observes that the sunken spaceship thing is entirely Mumm-Ra’s fault. They head off to Mumm-Ra’s pyramid to confront him about the issue. They call to Mumm-Ra from outside, and he emerges from his sarcophagus. Mumm-Ra uses his magic to create semi-transparent images of the Mutants so that he can carry on a conversation with them.


Slythe, laying the sycophancy on a little thick, explains that the Mutants effectiveness would be radically increased if they had access to their weapons from the spaceship that’s currently under the sand. They argue a bit, but eventually Mumm-Ra agrees to raise the ship. “Ancient spirits of evil, transform this decayed form to Mumm-Ra the Ever-living!” Out in the desert, Monkian is skeptical that Mumm-Ra will come through, but Slythe has figured out that Mumm-Ra isn’t as all-powerful like he pretends, and needs to frequently return to his tomb to recharge. Slythe figures that this means that Mumm-Ra needs the Mutants, so he’ll cave in to their request. Slythe is correct, the ship begins to rise from the sand!


Inside, Monkian discovers that the ship has total power loss. Jackalman, however, finds some Skycutters that are operational, as well as a Nose-diver.


Slythe also determines that most of the equipment from the ship can be transferred to Castle Plun-Darr intact. Driving out in their vehicles (Monkian and Jackalman on skycutters, Slythe in the nose-diver) they figure they’re ready to finally beat the Thundercats.


We cut to Cat’s Lair, where Cheetara is helping Tygra get the adhesive from the net off of himself. Snarf observes, “if sticky gunk is the worst the Mutants can throw at us, I guess we’ll survive.” Yeah, the Mutants were sinking pretty low when even Snarf is mocking them for their ineptitude. However, Snarf picked the single most ironic time to make that statement, because the whole room shakes in response to blasts from outside. Cat’s Lair is under attack!


Panthro activates a viewscreen, but is having trouble identifying the attacking “sky craft”. Eventually he gets a lock and identifies the skycutters.


Panthro tries to shoot them out of the sky with beams from the eyes of Cat’s Lair, but the skycutters are too maneuverable. Tygra also notices that they are being attacked at ground level, too, by “a land vehicle.”


Panthro leaves Tygra in charge in the control room as he and Lion-O head out in the Thundertank to deal with Slythe. Slythe makes a fighting withdrawal for a while, but then turns completely around and the Thundertank has to chase him. The nose-diver turns out to be much faster than the Thundertank, but they spot him driving up a hill and give chase. It turns out that the hill leads to a big cliff, right into some water.


Slythe goes over, and a few seconds later the Thundertank follows. Underwater, Lion-O observes that Slythe’s vehicle is amphibious.


Panthro doesn’t think it will be such a big deal, since the Thundertank can drive along the bottom of the ocean they’re in as well as it can drive on land (I guess he forgot about its ability to drive along the surface of the water that they used against the Berserkers). Unfortunately, the Thundertank flips over while it’s sinking, and wedges itself into an undersea canyon.


For occasions like this, Panthro has diving equipment under the seats, so he and Lion-O swim out of the tank to try to get it unstuck.


They can’t budge it, and Panthro figures they’ll need help from the other Thundercats. However, as they try to swim for the surface, Slythe makes an attack run in the nose-diver. They take cover behind a reef, and then find a cave to hide in. But there’s a giant eel in the cave!


Panthro figures they can lure the monster out of the cave at exactly the right time so that it will get Slythe. They try their plan, and Slythe is alarmed at first, but he blasts the cliff face over the eel cave, and buries the eel and the cave under a pile of rocks.


Slythe’s “energy module won’t catch”, essentially stalling out his nose-diver (I guess because he just tried such an extreme maneuver to avoid the eel?). Panthro and Lion-O get to the surface, but they are strafed by skycutters on the beach.


Lion-O figures that he and Panthro will just have to handle the Thundertank problem themselves, since the other Thundercats are going to have to handle the skycutters. “Thunder, thunder, thunder, Thundercats, HO!” The Mutants know that the Thundercats signal has surely summoned the other Thundercats, but they can’t see them because of the heavy jungle growth. Monkian converts his skycutter to land-attack mode, while Jackalman sticks to the skies.


Jackalman spots Tygra, but Tygra uses his invisibility to hide for Jackalman and jump on the skycutter from behind as Jackalman swoops too low. Tygra leaps off and uses his whip to crash the skycutter.


Cheetara lures Monkian into charging at her, and Wilykit uses a tree catapult to hit him with a big blob of tar, causing him to lose control and crash his skycutter into a tar pit.


Back underwater, Lion-O and Panthro are attack by some seaquines, which is odd because they are usually gentle.


The seaquines are riled up because there’s a baby seaquine trapped underneath the Thundertank. With a baby seaquine in danger, they determine that moving the Thundertank is especially important. When they start to try pushing the tank again, the adult seaquines catch on and try to help, but it isn’t doing any good.


Panthro fetches some rope and hitches the Thundertank to the seaquines, hoping they’ll be able to pull it off. It seems to be working, but Lion-O is concerned that this maneuver might cause the Thundertank to fall over the edge, where it would be lost forever. Panthro believes that Thundertanks can be replaced, but the life of every baby seaquine is precious.


Unfortunately for them, Slythe has got the nose-diver running again, and he takes a few shots at them. Lion-O thinks this is an opportunity, however. He goes down to the tank and shoots some kind of harpoon into the nose-diver. This pulls the Thundertank out of the canyon, and off the baby seaquine.


The harpoon rips a part off of Slythe’s nose-diver, and he’s concerned about even making it to shore. Panthro pulls the baby seaquine out from where it was stuck, and everyone is happy!


After Panthro and Lion-O drive the Thundertank up onto the beach to meet up with the other Thundercats, they discuss what has happened. Tygra figures taht the mutants must have “raised their spaceship somehow,” which is odd, because there was never any indication that he knew it was buried in the first place. They figure the Mutants must have had help from Mumm-Ra.

In the coda, we’re back at Mumm-Ra’s pyramid. The Mutants have been allowed inside this time.


Mumm-Ra taunts the Mutants for failing even with their tech, but Slythe chalks it up to bad luck. He says that their craft can be repaired, and they’ll also be able to build even more powerful weapons. Mumm-Ra’s not to keen on that, and demands that the mutants return the stuff they transported to Castle Plun-Darr back to the spaceship. Slythe says no, but then switches back into ultra-sycophant mode to claim that they only want their tech so that they can better serve Mumm-Ra. Mumm-Ra accepts this reasoning, at least for the time being, and returns to his sarcophagus.


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