Review: Thundercats Season 1 Episode 13: Lord of the Snows

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but Thundrilium’s so delightful, and since we’ve no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.


In the opening shot, we pan from Cat’s Lair over to a group of candyfruit bushes, where Snarf is sampling the produce.


Cheetara runs in with her super-speed power and snatches some candyfruit right out of Snarf’s hand. She insists that candyfruit is only for berbils, not “greedy snarfs”, forcing Snarf to point out the obvious: there’s more than enough to go around. (Plus, it’s not like he’s stealing this stuff from the berbil village, it’s growing wild right next to Cat’s Lair. Unless the berbil village is a lot closer than they’ve been implying).


The skies ominously darken, and Cheetara speeds off back to Cat’s Lair to get a sit rep. Snarf wisely decides to grab some more fruit while Cheetara isn’t around to bully him. We cut to Cat’s Lair, which is shooting some sort of beams out of its eyes.


Inside, Panthro indicates that he’s tracking a meteor, but they’re so low on power that he can’t focus the “laser scopes” (I guess those are the eye beams?).


They do some more analysis and determine that the meteor is big, and also 100% pure Thundrilium. Panthro thinks this means that the meteor must have been part of Thundera. Is he implying that the entire planet of Thundera was 100% Thundrilium, too? That would be surprising. Anyway, they try to track the meteor, but Cat’s Lair is low on juice, so all the lights go out. Are these goons out of Thundrilium again? They just got a new supply in episode 7! How fast do they go through the stuff? Maybe you Thundercats ought to think about living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Anyway, the Thundrilium meteor flies overhead, scaring several of the local inhabitants of Third Earth, like the Warrior Maidens, the Living Ooze, some unicorns, and the berbils, before crashing into a snowy area near Hook Mountain, which looks like it was created by Dr. Seuss.


Tygra informs Lion-O (and us) that the Snowmen of Hook Mountain are savage and proud, but none of the Thundercats have interacted with them yet. Lion-O decides to go after the meteor on his own. The other Thundercats want to come with him, but he vetoes that idea. Cheetara demands that he at least wear the cloak that she gives him, to keep warm.


We cut to Lion-O walking through the snow, and pull back to see that Jackalman has been spying on him.


Lion-O notices that it’s cold, “cold as a reptilian’s smile,” but also has the feeling that someone is following him. I suppose we’re meant to think that it’s Jackalman, but we cut, and find that it’s Snarf! He was worried about Lion-O being all alone, and decided to follow him. Lion-O jumps out at Snarf, who screeches in surprise, which causes some snow to fall from a cliff and start rolling down a hill to create a giant snowball. Lion-O grabs Snarf, but instead of leaping out of the way, decides to stand stoically and confront the snowball. They get absorbed into the snowball, and roll down the hill with it.


The snowball hits a wall, and Lion-O and Snarf are thrown free, having suffered no apparent ill effects.

We cut to Castle Plun-Darr, where Jackalman tells Monkian and Slythe that Lion-O is alone on Hook Mountain. Slythe thinks this will be a good opportunity to kidnap Lion-O and force the other Thundercats to do their bidding while they hold him hostage. Have the Mutants forgetten that their overall goal is to capture the Eye of Thundera, like Mumm-Ra did last episode? Monkian thinks that there is a flaw in the plan: how will they get to Hook Mountain in time? Slythe’s got that one covered: “Vultureman will take us in his flying machine.” Who will take them in his what? Oh, you mean the Vultureman that hasn’t been established as a character yet? Thanks. Jackalman is suspicious of the safety of the aforementioned flying machine, and weasels out of the mission. Vultureman does indeed fly in on his flying machine, and he, Slythe, and Monkian take off for Hook Mountain.


Now, since they aren’t really doing a good job of establishing him, we’re left to wonder about who Vultureman is. Is he a Mutant? If so, how did he get to Third Earth? It looked like the ship that Slythe, Monkian, and Jackalman arrived on went down into the sinking sands with its entire crew back in the second episode, and we haven’t seen any Mutants other than the three main ones since then. Has Vultureman just been hanging around off-screen the whole time?


We cut back to Lion-O and Snarf, who encounter an ice-tornado.


Back at Cat’s Lair, they have completely run out of power, and are absolutely defenseless. Good planning, guys. It’s not like you could have calculated your rate of consumption, and figured out how long your fuel could last… Oh wait, you could have done exactly that. Do you expect me to sympathize with your entirely predictable “crisis”, Thundercats? Anyway, Panthro proposes just sitting around in the dark until Lion-O signals them with the Eye of Thundera. Cheetara, however, wants to go after him now. Faced with the entirely reasonable question of “why?”, she says she just knows that Lion-O is in trouble. This is enough to convince Panthro. He’s probably just looking for an excuse to get his Thundrilium-guzzling Thundertank out of the garage.

Meanwhile, back at the ice-tornado…


Lion-O and Snarf are deposited safely on the ground, completely unharmed. Lion-O then begins the ascent up the difficult-to-climb side of Hook Mountain with Snarf on his back. He uses a combination of free climbing and the rope that he can shoot out of the knuckle of the Claw Shield. Also, rather unusual local gravity seems to be giving him an assist.


Once they reach the summit, the find the Castle of the Snowmen.


The drawbridge of the castle opens, and one of the snowmen with a lance and shield rides out on a big white cat. He wants to know who Lion-O is and what he’s doing there.


Lion-O explains that he wants the meteor that landed on the mountain, but the snowman says that anything on their mountain belongs to them. He implies that he might be willing to trade for it. Lion-O offers friendship, honor, and alliance with the Thundercats. The snowman’s cat, Snowmeow, doesn’t react well to this offer.


The snowman doesn’t react all that well, either. He says that friendship, honor, and alliance must be earned. In deadly combat! The snowman attacks, but Lion-O chops his lance in half.


The snowman is undeterred, however. He breaks the end off a giant icicle, and it morphs into a spiky club in his hand. He gets in some good whacks, and knocks the Claw Shield off of Lion-O’s arm.


Lion-O is doing poorly in the fight, so Snarf suggests calling the other Thundercats for help. Lion-O thinks that would mean admitting failure, and as a matter of honor he can’t call them. The ghost of Jaga appears, and says, “perhaps you’ve overreached yourself this time, son.” Wow, so is he implying that he and Lion-O are biologically related? Or is he just saying “son” the way an older person might use it on any young man? Lion-O explains that he has to fight honorably if he’s going to earn the snowman’s respect. While they’re discussing it, the snowman says “charge, Snowmeow!” which gives Jaga the idea that Snowmeow, the big cat that the snowman is riding, may be the key to the fight.


Lion-O, as lord of the Thundercats, orders the cat to stop, which he does.


Snarf informs us that this means that Lion-O has power over all cats. Wow. That’s surprising. The snowman tries to spur Snowmeow back into action, but Snowmeow takes off for a giant chasm. Actually, the snowman informs us that it is The Bottomless Chasm. Lion-O orders the snow cat to stop again, and he does skid to a stop, but momentum throws the snowman off the cat’s back, into the chasm.


Snarf is jazzed that they won the fight, but Lion-O reminds him that the goal was actually to make friends with the snowman, not kill him, so he’s going to try to climb down and save him. He jams the Sword of Omens into the ground at the edge of the chasm to create an anchor, and attaches the line from the Claw Shield so he can climb down to the injured snowman.


Just then, the Mutants show up in Vultureman’s flying machine. They decide to amend their original plan, figuring that if they grab the sword, Lion-O (and the snowman, although I’m not sure why they care about him) will be trapped in the chasm forever. Or until somebody else with a rope shows up… Anyway, Snowmeow and Snarf try to fight the flying machine off as it swoops past.


We cut to the Thundertank driving through the snow, and they’re almost out of Thundrilium in the tank, too. Panthro decides to employ rocket-thrusters to just plow the Thundertank through banks of snow and ice, rather than drive over them. Somehow, he thinks this will let them get where they’re going before they run out of fuel, even though this would seem to use up a lot more energy than travelling the conventional way. Maybe this kind of thinking is why they go through the Thundrilium so fast…

Back at the action, Lion-O has gotten the snowman and is climbing back up, but the Mutants keep swooping down in an attempt to get the sword, only to be chased off by Snarf and Snowmeow. Vultureman finally grabs the sword with his flying machine’s beak, but Snowmeow jumps on the wing.


They have no forward motion while they’re trying to pull out the sword, and Snowmeow is interfering with the ornithopter action of the wings, so they start losing lift (they don’t really go into the physics like that, I’m just assuming that’s why Vultureman say’s they’re losing lift). Monkian suggests letting go of the sword, because otherwise they’ll all end up in the chasm. Which, given the ease at which Lion-O rescued the snowman, doesn’t seem like that big a deal, but the argument works on Vultureman. They fly away and Snowmeow jumps back down to the ground. Slythe orders another attack run. Lion-O gets to the top of the chasm, grabs the sword, and rolls out of the way just in time.


“Thunder, thunder, thunder, Thundercats, HO!” The big Thundercats symbol shoots out of the Eye of Thundera, right into Vultureman’s flying machine!


Seconds later, the Thundertank bursts through the snow, guns-a-blazin’.


The flying machine takes a hit, and flies away. Lion-O comments on how quickly the rest of the Thundercats answered the call. He wants to know how they did it. Panthro defers the question to Cheetara, who credits woman’s intuition.


In the coda, the snowman says that Lion-O proved that he values honor, courage, and friendship, so he agrees that they can have the meteor. Lion-O tells him that if they ever need help, they can call on the Thundercats.



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