Review: Thundercats Season 1 Episode 12: The Doomgaze

But I was going to Toshi’s Prison to pick up some power of doomgaze!


We open in Mumm-Ra’s pyramid. He’s calling upon Nemesis, force of darkness, for help in overcoming the Thundercats and ruling over the Third Earth. I can’t be sure, but this seems like a change in gameplan for Mumm-Ra. Up until this point he’s been focused on stealing the Eye of Thundera. Now it seems he just wants to beat the Thundercats. However, he is sticking with the Evil Team-Up as his modus operandi, so at least there’s that. A big blue flame rises up out of Mumm-Ra’s cauldron (presumably that’s Nemesis) and starts talking to Mumm-Ra in a voice that’s incredibly similar to Panthro’s.


Nemesis advises summoning the princess Toshi and freeing her from her time-warp prison. Once she’s sprung, she’ll share the power of the doomgaze. Mumm-Ra wastes no time and immediately starts summoning Toshi. Toshi appears in the sky in a flying boat shaped like a crocodile head.


(I like the jack-o-lantern motif she’s got going on on the sail). Toshi takes Mumm-Ra’s call, and wants to know what he wants. Mumm-Ra, as one might expect, wants he to share the secret of the doomgaze.


She wants to know why he wants it. Mumm-Ra figures that with the power of the doomgaze they’ll be able to control the Thundercats forever. She points out that she’s trapped in the time-warp prison. To summarize, the important things to remember about this character are that 1) she has the power of the doomgaze, and 2) she’s in a time-warp prison. I think we get it, show. In fact, these are the only things we know about this character, so you can stop beating us over the head with it.

Mumm-Ra thinks that the time-warp prison thing won’t be such a big deal, since he knows the key to getting her out. Toshi doesn’t believe Mumm-Ra, since she’s of the opinion that only she knows the key. They go back and forth over the ingredients to the key in the stupidest argument ever. Seriously, Toshi, what is your deal here? The only thing the key can be used for is to get you out of the frickin’ time-warp prison, so why are you giving Mumm-Ra such a hard time about it? There is seriously no downside for you in this plan. Anyway, the key is: a tuft of hair from a cheetah, a berbil’s tear, a shoe from an enchanted unicorn, and a hero to take Toshi’s place in the time-warp prison.


We cut (finally!) to the exterior of Cat’s Lair, where Lion-O is practicing some acrobatics with Snarf and Panthro. Lion-O is distracted by a big black cloud, moving in the opposite direction from the rest of the clouds in the sky. Lion-O calls upon the Sword of Omens’ power of sight-beyond-sight, and discovers that the cloud was concealing some sort of airborne jellyfish.


And it’s headed for the berbil village! They head off to warn the berbils, but the jellyfish is way ahead of them. Despite Roberbil’s best efforts, the jellyfish gets Roberbelle in its tentacle!


Lion-O, Cheetara, Panthro, and Snarf show up at the village, and the rest of them stand around like idiots while Snarf is the only one with the presence of mind to try to attack the thing. It gets away, moving pretty quickly, so Cheetara decides that she’ll follow the jellyfish while leaving a trail for Lion-O to follow behind her. She runs along, leaving scratch-marks on trees, chasing the flying jellyfish.


However, she’s running so fast that she doesn’t see a wire net across the path in front of her. She gets tangled up in it, and Slythe shows up with a hatchet. He uses the hatchet to cut off a tuft of Cheetara’s hair.


Cheetara bursts out of the net that has been holding her, but before she can jump Slyth, the jellyfish grabs him in its other tentacle and pulls him out of reach.


Meanwhile, Lion-O and Snarf are following the slashed-tree trail that Cheetara left. We cut to Jackalman, a bit further ahead on the path, and he takes a unicorn down with a bolo.


He runs up and pries the horseshoe off the unicorn. Lion-O and Snarf notice him, but he runs off before they can get to him. As they’re discussing why Jackalman might want a unicorn shoe, Cheetara shows up and tells them about how Slythe stole some of her hair. From all of the strange events, Lion-O deduces that only Mumm-Ra can be behind it all. He again calls upon the awesome power of sight-beyond-sight. He sees a big skull-shaped cliff, with a stonehenge-like circle on top of that.


Mumm-Ra and the Mutants are there, and Mumm-Ra calls in Toshi so they can start the ceremony. Lion-O tells Cheetara to cross the burning sands of the Phosphorous Desert, while he and snarf go via the Crumbling Cliffs of Vertigo. This will let them hit their enemies from both sides. Cheetara sets off across the desert.


And Lion-O sets off along the cliffs.


Snarf slips off the tiny ledge they’re on, but Lion-O pulls him back to safety. They get to a gap in the ledge, and Lion-O pulls out his sword, “HO!”, and shoots a beam across the gap to create a bridge for Snarf to cross.


Unfortunately, the Crumbling Cliffs are true to their name, and the ledge on the far side collapses under Snarf’s weight. Lion-O shoots a line from the knuckle of the Claw Shield and swings down to save Snarf and get them both across.

We cut back to Mumm-Ra, who has begun his incantation, and Cheetara has managed to sneak up behind the stone circle unnoticed.


And so have Lion-O and Snarf.


So their “get them from both sides” plan seems to have gone off without a hitch! Mumm-Ra tells Toshi that he’s ready with the stuff he was bringing to the party, so she flies most of the way down from her crocodile boat on a levitating disc.


Lion-O finds her beautiful, in an evil sort of way. With everything ready, Mumm-Ra says, “now, let the sorcery begin!” Then, he calls upon the ancient spirits of evil to transform his decayed form to Mumm-Ra the Ever-living. Toshi once again explains the whole “free me from the time-warp prison so I may share with you the power of the doomgaze” plan to Mumm-Ra. Lady, it was his plan. He knows it. We know it. Get on with it!

Mumm-Ra uses red rays to zap the various ingredients. Roberbelle makes an effort not to cry, thereby denying him the berbil’s tear. Snarf tries to pressure Lion-O to act, but Lion-O is mesmerized by Toshi. Mumm-Ra zaps Roberbelle with some more magic, and he gets her tear.


Snarf tries even harder to get Lion-O into gear, but he’s still in a trance. Toshi hovers down closer to Mumm-Ra. Cheetara gets tired of waiting for Lion-O to make a move, and decides to act on her own.


Toshi is pretty happy with the progress on the “free me from the time-warp prison” thing, but wonders where the hero that will take her place is. Lion-O has finally gotten into the action, but this was part of Mumm-Ra’s plan all along! He wants Lion-O to take Toshi’s place in the time-warp prison!

“Thunder, thunder, thunder, Thundercats, HO!”


The other Thundercats head off in the Thundertank. Meanwhile, back at the ritual site, Cheetara is fighting with Monkian. With some judicious use of super-speed running-in-circles and her extendo-staff, she easily defeats him. Slythe threatens Lion-O, but Cheetara knocks Slythe on his ass (no mean feat with that giant tail that he’s got…) and she tells Lion-O to focus on Mumm-Ra while she deals with the Mutants. But Mumm-Ra tells Toshi to summon up her power of the doomgaze and use it on Lion-O, which she does.


Caught in the power of the doomgaze, Lion-O stops fighting, and the Sword of Omens returns to its normal short size. The Thundercats symbol in the sky fades out, and the other Thundercats out in the Thundertank take that as a particularly ominious sign. They decide to take the shortest route, across the Field of Daggers. (Third Earth geography certainly has been exciting this episode, hasn’t it?) The Field of Daggers is a region which shoots giant spikes of rock up at you as you cross it. Panthro tries to drive around them, but can’t avoid them all.


Back at the ritual site, Lion-O is paralyzed and helpless. Mumm-Ra explains that he’s going to lock Lion-O in the time-warp prison, and then rule Third Earth and, eventually, the Universe. Snarf tries to stop him, but Toshi gets Snarf in the doomgaze, too.

Meanwhile, Cheetara has been busy fighting the remaining Mutants. She ties up Slythe and chases off Jackalman. She notices that Lion-O is in trouble, but Mumm-Ra tells her that she has no choice but to submit to a superior power.


Toshi uses her doomgaze on Cheetara, too. But it doesn’t work! Mumm-Ra implies that maybe Toshi hasn’t “summoned up” her powers. That’s not the problem, though, as Cheetara explains: “Your mystical powers have no effect on me. You may mesmerize men with your evil beauty, but I am a woman, you hold no mystery for me.” (Keep in mind that this must mean that Snarf was interested, even though they’re radically different species).

Just then, the Thundertank pulls up, and the other Thundercats start attacking. Cheetara grabs the cape that Toshi had draped around Lion-O’s shoulders, and throws it back at Toshi, which sends her back to her crocodile boat in the sky.


Lion-O is freed, and joins the fight against Mumm-Ra. Mumm-Ra realizes he’s running low on power, so he flies away, back to his pyramid.

In the coda, they’re discussing the situation, and realize that Snarf is still stuck in the power of the doomgaze. Wilykit notices the cup that Mumm-Ra used to capture the berbil’s tear, and figures she should try just dumping it out on Snarf.


It works! Snarf is freed, and “comically” isn’t aware that the adventure has been resolved while he was in the trance. The rest of the Thundercats laugh at him.

And to think, Mumm-Ra’s plan would have worked if Slythe had just killed Cheetara when he had the chance. Or if Toshi knew that her power was completely ineffective on 50% of the population. You’d think that would be the sort of thing she might have noticed before.


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  2. Anonymous says:

    ummm, it’s Ta-she, you know that right?

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