Short Story Update

SS01: Current Word Count 1421. Words Today 0. (edit)
SS02: Current Word Count 5998. Words Today 0. (done)
SS03: Current Word Count 558. Words Today ~400. (done)
SS04: Current Word Count 833. Words Today 0.

I did some rewrites and edits on SS03, so the current word count and the words written today don’t necessarily track with yesterday’s numbers, but I think the story works better now, and what I cut out was mostly useless filler. It’s pretty short, but that’s not necessarily bad. A lot of places are interested in flash fiction. It is unusual in that I don’t think it’s necessarily a genre story any more, where all of my previous work has been. All of my short stories so far have had a humorous aspect, too. I wonder if that’s a reaction to my novel, which I’m realizing now was mostly humorless. Maybe something to keep in mind when I do rewrites on the novel.


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