Short Story Update

SS01: Current Word Count 1421. Words Today 0. (done?)
SS02: Current Word Count 3085. Words Today 921.
SS03: Current Word Count 777. Words Today 0.
SS04: Current Word Count 833. Words Today 0.

I think that part of what had been blocking me for the past few days has been performance anxiety. I had been pondering the idea of submitting my stories to publications at some point, and I think that the fear of showing other people my stuff was subconsciously draining my energy. This morning I sent SS01 to my brother to critique, and getting over that small hump of showing someone else my story (even if it’s my brother, who is unlikely to rip me to shreds even if it sucks) has really improved my mood considerably. I’ve been able to make a lot of progress 0n SS02 and it’s headed in a pretty good direction now, I think.


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