Short Story Update

SS01: Current Word Count 1411. Words Today 0. (done?)
SS02: Current Word Count 1503. Words Today 248.
SS03: Current Word Count 777. Words Today 0.

Not a lot of writing happening here (but still sticking to the “write every day” thing). The plots are still giving me a lot of trouble with SS02 and SS03. When I was writing the novel I was able to come up with a plot by just coming up with a bunch of characters and a bunch of situations and then just weaving them together. I’m having a much harder time developing plot for the short stories, which tends to require a much tighter focus. I’m starting to wonder if I should take a few days off from writing (dangerous, could be habit-forming), if I should try to start out another novel, or if I should just go back and start editing the first novel, and give up on this “wait a bit so you can look at it with fresh eyes” idea.


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