Novel Update

I’m still keeping up with the “write every day” pledge. I’m at 27094 words on the novel now, which is an increase of 1660 words since yesterday. I think I figured out a partial solution to the “dropped threads” problem I mentioned in my last post (although I haven’t implemented it yet). However, now I’m getting a bit worried that the story may run out of steam before I get to proper novel length. I think I need to work on not worrying about problems until they materialize.


2 Responses to Novel Update

  1. ceylanthewriter says:

    Keep at it! You seem like you have everything under control. Stay positive!


  2. eBookGuru says:

    Very rarely does your first draft actually become the novel in the end. I wouldn’t worry too much about running out of steam. When you edit, you’ll likely find youself rewriting and expanding anyway. If not you could always publish it as a novella.


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